A CONSERVENERGIA Energy Efficiency is an ESCO - “Energy Services Company” - a service company that acts in the field of conservation of electric energy, through partnerships with its customers.

We seek to reduce operating costs through specialized equipment and techniques. This savings will bring you benefits as a increase in profit and increase your competitiveness, allowing you to focus on your specific activity.

In addition to the economic benefits, energy efficiency measures can:

  • Increase the level of customer satisfaction and quality of your product;
  • Reduce maintenance costs and system failures;
  • Increase equipment life;
  • Contribute to the improvement of the environment, supporting the concept of sustainability.

“Eco-Friendly Solutions”

Our equipment is in accordance with the concepts of sustainability.

  • Generator groups powered by biodiesel, with catalysts reducing CO2 emissions in the atmosphere.
  • Generator sets powered by gas.

How it works

The stages of an Energy Efficiency Project are:

  • Service Authorization
  • Measurement and Verification
  • Energy Diagnostics
  • Identification of consumption reduction possibilities
  • Partnership Your Company - Conserv
  • Implementation of EEP

Energy Efficiency Projects (EEP)

By means of a well-defined and predetermined set of measures, Conserv generates a reduction in energy consumption costs while maintaining production levels and the quality of the final product.


  • Identify opportunities;
  • Study alternatives;
  • Evaluate technical, environmental and financial solutions;
  • Develop projects;
  • Manage and implement facilities;
  • Install and perform measurements;
  • Propose economic and tariff guidelines

Forms of financing

Recent and advantageous financing opportunities do not require an entrepreneur to apply his or her own resources. What forms of Financing for EE Projects?

  • PROESCO, which finances projects that are proven to contribute to energy savings.
  • FINEM, to support projects that finance expansion and modernization projects, including the acquisition of new machines and equipment, of national manufacture, accredited by BNDES, as well as the importance of machinery and associated working capital, either directly or through the institutions financial institutions.
  • FINEP - aims to promote the economic and social development of Brazil through the public promotion of Science, Technology and Innovation in companies, universities, technological institutes and other public or private institutions. FINEP - aims to promote economic and social development in Brazil. Brazil through the public promotion of Science, Technology and Innovation in companies, universities, technological institutes and other public or private institutions.
  • Public and Private Banks
  • Constitutional Financing Funds


Services executed with quality, speed and honesty result in a positive and loyal customer-supplier relationship. Based on these concepts, the CONSERVENERGIA was created to provide project services, advice and assemblies in the area of ​​electrical engineering, following a philosophy of continuous work, making our customers always very well attended and consequently recurrent.

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Conservation of electric energy

  • Identification of waste points and energy losses;
  • Resizing equipment and installations;
  • Lighting resizing;
  • Process energy efficiency;
  • Charging scheme;
  • Conservation Potential Determination;
  • Demand modulation;
  • Optimization of the tariff modality;
  • Facility power factor correction;
  • Complying with the current legislation with the elimination of a fine for excess;
  • Follow up and evaluation provided by maintenance contract.
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Generator sets, diesel

  • Generator sets installed at low voltage;
  • Design and installation of generator sets with medium voltage distribution;
  • Installing generator sets in parallel with the utility and other generators;
  • Generator automation;
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Lightning Rods (SPDA)

  • Equipotentialised earth meshes - NBR5419 - 2015
  • Protectors against atmospheric discharges and ideal grounding
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Electrical installations projects

  • Design and execution of electrical installation projects
  • Industrial electrical projects
  • External and internal lighting projects
  • Generator groups
  • Power inputs (switchboards)
  • Analysis for deployment of medium and low voltage systems
  • Primary cabins from 112 kva to 2000 kva
  • Primary cabins above 2000 kva
  • Industrial Automation
  • Substation automation system (power and control)
  • Lightning protection system (spda)
  • Load increase studies
  • Short Circuit Protection Coordination Projects and Studies
  • Commercial Electrical Projects
  • Design and installation of stabilized electrical network for computing
  • Grounding and equipotentialisation
  • "as-built" documentation
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Primary cabins

  • External and internal armored cabins;
  • Conventional masonry cabins;
  • Conventional masonry booths with several transformers distributed in processing stations;
  • Design and installation of simplified masonry booths;
  • Design and installation of medium voltage aerial networks in voltage class 13.8 kv or 23 kv;
  • Design and installation of transformation stations;
  • Automation of primary cabins;
  • Maintenance of primary cabins;
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Thermographic inspection

  • High performance and precision in temperature measurements.
  • High cost-effective;
  • Non-interference in the production process;
  • Guaranteed security;
  • Instant result, enabling immediate intervention;


  • Estr. Mario Shimizu, s/n Cocuera. Mogi das Cruzes-SP
  • 11 4761-8167